Product Lines

Synthetic leathers for shoes and leather goods, microfibers
and high performance materials for the safety and sportswear industries
and materials for special applications.

High quality synthetic leathers for the fashion field

Materials for shoes, leather goods, accessories, promotional.

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Microfiber product with high innovative and technological content

Characteristics of innovation, resistance, dimensional stability, lightness, breathability, water repellency and eco friendly.

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Materials for special applications

Reinforcement microfibres, leathergoods laminations, special foils, finishings for clothing fabrics.

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A “Made in Italy” brand known around the world

With over 50 years experience, SISA are known as one of the leading Companies producing high quality synthetic leathers for shoes and leather goods, high performance materials for the safety and sportswear industries, having excellent environmental features.


Our products are made without animal materials.
Project goal Animal-Free is to promote an ethical, responsible and sustainable fashion.

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Our production

High technologies, production techniques, research and development
and environmental protection are essential features for SISA S.p.A.

Environmental protection

The issues of safety at work and environmental protection are, like product quality, essential features for the company that has developed plant engineering and high technology.

Quality Control

Stringent quality control on the production processes of coagulation, coating and finishing allow the company to attract high standards characteristic of his entire output.

Laboratory R&D

Technical Director coordinates research and development through a highly skilled team dedicated to constant testing of raw materials and innovative processes.

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Exhibitions and Events