Sisa spa: Eco-friendly "Made in Italy"  animal-free PU products and Microfiber

SISA’s main goal has been to establish itself as a leading member of the famous “Made in Italy” brand.
Its high quality standards as well as the aesthetic identity of its materials have helped the Company to create products which are easily identifiable.

“Made in Italy” means passion, handcrafted taste, care for detail, high quality raw materials and an entirely Italian production.

The quality of our products
The importance of Quality in Sisa

High technologies, production techniques, research and development and environmental protection are essential features for SISA S.p.A.

Our products are made without animal materials. Project goal Animal-Free is to promote an ethical, responsible and sustainable fashion.

Our production process
Sisa Atelier
High quality Eco-friendly animal-free PU products for the fashion field. Materials for shoes, leather goods, accessories, promotional.
Sisa Performa
Microfiber of high innovative and technological content addressed to the safety and sportswear markets
Sisa Matrix
Polyurethane films and tapes, with mono-adhesive, double-sided and non-adhesive products lines
Sisa is a partner of the animal free project
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