Laboratory R&D

Technical Director coordinates research and development through a highly skilled team dedicated to constant testing of raw materials, innovative processes and the development of products created according to the needs of the target markets and customers more qualified.


Quality assurance

Stringent quality control on the production processes of coagulation, coating and finishing allow the company to attract, by its finished products, high standards characteristic of his entire output.



The issues of safety at work and environmental protection are, like product quality, essential features for the company that has developed plant engineering and high technology.

Sisa Atelier
High quality Eco-friendly animal-free PU products for the fashion field. Materials for shoes, leather goods, accessories, promotional.
Sisa Performa
Microfiber of high innovative and technological content addressed to the safety and sportswear markets
Sisa Matrix
Polyurethane films and tapes, with mono-adhesive, double-sided and non-adhesive products lines
Sisa is a partner of the animal free project
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