Sisa Atelier: eco-synthetic leathers for shoes, leather goods, accessories, promotional.

Means traditon, experience, passion, care for detail, good taste, dynamism as well as market sensitivity meaning all our products have the unique appearance that only “Made in Italy” could give.
Keeping abreast of fashion trends, market conditions and love of detail keep our ranges always up to date and appealing.


Koram e Dream

Versatile materials to satisfy the following criterias: lightness, breathability, waterproof, eco friendly feature is produced with “solvent free” raw materials



The hi-tech breathable lining suitable for all quality shoes.
Seal acceptance approval APMA – American Podiatric Medical Association.

More information about LAI-Porellina


The latest generation breathable PU lining, 100% anti bacteria with silver ions.

More information about Silver-LAI



Microfiber is a textile material made of PA extremely fine fibres (0.001 – 0.003 Deniers) obtained through a high tech production process.

Its fibrous structure, look and touch are very close to real leather although the performing features of a microfiber are higher than the natural product’s.

Its has a higher tearing, abrasion and flexing resistance. It has a high dimensional stability and air permeability.
It is a versatile material with high performance features that can be used for a wide range of products.

Sisa Aequo

A new range of products towards the future.

Studies made in our R&D laboratory have led us to develop products with unprecedented eco friendly features for synthetic leathers.

Polymers deriving from natural renewable sources.

Cereals and vegetable seeds coming from NO FOOD agriculture.

CO2 emission at zero level.

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